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Keratin vs QPlex

To understand the key differences between each treatment, you should consider the condition of your hair fiber and the purpose of the treatment.

Qplex works at the molecular level within the hair fibre, connecting molecular chains cut by dyeing and bleaching treatments. This product restructures the molecular chains and in this way the hair fiber is restructured.

So if your hair is showing signs of extreme damage and you are at risk of breakage, Qplex is the right treatment, as it only works if the damage is present at the molecular level.

After using Qplex you will notice:

- when you brush your hair, you won’t have as much falling out.

- your hair will be stronger and shinier.

Damaged hair looks like a chain with missing links because some of it is damaged. Qplex fills any broken or empty gaps in the chain, making each one strong and resilient.

Keratin, on the other hand, acts on the outer layer of hair fibers and can be applied to all types of hair. This is because keratin is a protein naturally found in hair and nails. However, its power only reaches the outer layers of the hair, filling in the damaged areas that cause frizz.

So if your hair is moderately damaged with dull, dry ends and frizz, keratin is the remedy.

With keratin, your hair will look shiny and healthy, and of course frizz-free, thanks to the proteins found in these types of treatments.

In the nutshell could be concluded, that sever damaged hair require deeper level treatment such QPlex, when Keratin works greatly for moderate damaged hair.

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