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The first thing you should know about Arganmidas NZ - we are passioned about hair and scalp health. In our way to perfect hair care we tried hundreds of ingredients and found amazing features of Argan Oil.


We created Arganmidas - brand of hair care cosmetics highly infused with Argan Oil, called by New York Times "The Last Miracle ingredient".


Balanced formula of our shampoos, hair conditioners, and repair products delivers outstanding long-lasting visible result. We also do not use any harsh chemicals or dyes in manufacturing, so your hair getting better and better day by day!

All products contain 100% natural ingredients, has a natural subtle fragrance and thoroughly formulated for each type of hair to meet all your hair care needs.

The Way to Beauty and Health

ARGANMIDAS: Combining the Miracle Nut and the Rice King into One Haircare Brand

ARGANMIDAS is a luxury hair care brand that takes inspiration from the miracle nut, argan, produced in Morocco's North African desert, known as the "Garden of North Africa," and the rice king of Phrygia in Greek mythology, King Midas.


The brand has registered in over 54 countries and has received amazing feedback from clients worldwide. With the mission to provide a way to healthy hair and healthy lives, ARGANMIDAS hopes to help people achieve more meaningful life goals and encourage a positive and healthier lifestyle.


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