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5 questions to answer before buying Argan Oil

  1. The majority of Argan Oil brands are cheap because contain watery substances with few drops of real Argan Oil. Please pay attention to ingredients information and buy only 100% pure Argan oil. Otherwise you waste your money.

  2. Argan Oil should be packaged in dark color glass bottles. This packaging can better protect Oil and its healing properties.

  3. Producing of Argan Oil is a very labour-costly process, so 100% pure argan oil cannot be cheap. Please be careful if you see price for 100ml bottle less than $35 and read ingredients carefully.

  4. Pure Argan oil does not have any significant aroma, so high intensive adour may indicate about additional ingredients.

  5. And finally, 100% pure Argan Oil fast absorb to your hair makes them smooth and softly and does not leave oily traces.

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