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In addition, the Keratin Hair Straightener is completely formaldehyde-free, making it safe for both the client and the stylist. This 1000ml bottle of Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Keratin is designed to smooth and straighten hair, leaving it with a natural, healthy shine. With this professional-grade keratin treatment, clients can enjoy the benefits of straight, frizz-free hair without any of the harmful chemicals typically found in other products. Whether used as a standalone treatment or as part of a salon service, this formaldehyde-free keratin treatment is sure to leave clients satisfied with the results.

Keratin Hair Straightener/ Formaldehyde Free

$140.00 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price
  • Introducing our professional keratin hair straightener, formulated with a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment. This innovative product heals, repairs, and moisturizes damaged hair, while also providing protection against future damage. Say goodbye to frizzy hair with this straightener, which also reduces hair volume and leaves hair looking shinier and healthier. Our formaldehyde-free formula ensures safe and effective results for all hair types, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for sleek, straight hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Try our keratin hair straightener and experience the transformation for yourself!


    • Wash the hair twice with Magic Master Clarifying shampoo.
    • Towel Dry.
    • Apply Magic Master Pre-Treatment on for 2mins, then rinse. Dry the hair 80%.
    • Apply Magic Master Keratin strand to strand spreading with a comb. Let it work.
       (Blonde hair for 25 min. Any other for 50 min)
    • In case of virgin hair, after 50 min, warm it with a blow drier. Rinse it fully
    • Get the hair straightener and flat iron in strands at least 15 times
    • For better results, moisturize weak, blond, or colored hair before blow-drying and do not use the flat iron above 390 degrees.
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