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Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Keratin To Smooth Straighten Hair 1000ml 

Entirely new technology in cosmetology. A range of organic acids that ensure healthy hair straightening. Also, a mix of assets that provide a shield with never before achieved results. The formula contains Inca oil, which is rich in fatty acids (omega 3,6,9). It also has a high level of antioxidants (vitamins A and E) as well as rich in essential proteins and amino acids. Besides, it is free of formaldehyde and has a pleasant coconut smell.

Magic Master Keratin Treatment will offer you silky, smooth, and healthy hair.

Keratin Hair Straightener/ Formaldehyde Free

$140.00 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price
  • Features:

    - Heals

    - Repairs

    - Moisturizes

    - Protects damaged hair

    - Eliminates frizzy hair

    - Reduces hair volume

    - Makes hair shinier


    • Wash the hair twice with Magic Master Clarifying shampoo.
    • Towel Dry.
    • Apply Magic Master Pre-Treatment on for 2mins, then rinse. Dry the hair 80%.
    • Apply Magic Master Keratin strand to strand spreading with a comb. Let it work.
       (Blonde hair for 25 min. Any other for 50 min)
    • In case of virgin hair, after 50 min, warm it with a blow drier. Rinse it fully
    • Get the hair straightener and flat iron in strands at least 15 times
    • For better results, moisturize weak, blond, or colored hair before blow-drying and do not use the flat iron above 390 degrees.
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