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In summer, mint on the scalp provides a fresh kick! Our Mint Repair Shampoo works especially well for dry scalp and dry hair. The special formula ensures a quick supply of moisture to the scalp.

o Repair Shampoo with mint extract for dry hair

o Mint refreshes and soothes dry scalp

o Effectively combats split ends and dry scalp

o All ingredients are biodegradable!

   Mint Essence, amino acids, argan oil

Fresh Mint Shampoo

$40.00 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
  • o Arganmidas Refreshing Hydrating Mint Shampoo wakes up your scalp, especially in the hot summer.

    o Brings life and refreshes hair.

    o The herbal mint shampoo has a calming effect on hair locks, making them manageable.

    o Makes your hair smell good with the dreamy, relaxing scent of this Herbal Mint Shampoo.

    FEATURES: A protective fusion of Amino acid & Mint Essence helps to invigorate, calm, and treat the scalp. The energizing scent provides an uplifting experience.

    For normal to oily scalp and hair.

  • Wet hair and massage onto scalp and hair to enhance micro-circulation. Rinse

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