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Arganmidas moroccan argan oil amino acid shampoo, a delicate cleanser that targets damaged hair in need of natural look. What’s more, it’s inspired by argan oil and amino acid, rich in unfatty acids. This ultra caring shampoo can strengthen and protects the strand of your hair. And leaving it feeling beautifully nourished and vibrant. Moreover, as the arganmidas moroccan argan oil amino acid shampoo adopts the latest formula. Which is more very mild and suitable for the sensitive scalp, balance the ph value, also the oily hair kind of person. You will feel comfortable, healthy and the relax of your scalp.


In addition, arganmidas Moroccan argan oil amino acid shampoo is included moroccan argan oil, which is a so-called liquid gold. It contains twice the vitamin e of olive oil and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega9. So it can be easily absorbed by hair dryness and repair damaged hair and follicles. Besides, it has the effect of increasing hair luster, softening hair, inhibiting frizz, and split hair loss.


All in all, it’s an efficient shampoo which not only can cure the hair problem, also can make your hair more strengthen, smooth, and nourishing.

Argan Oil Acid Shampoo 450 ml

$45.00 Regular Price
$32.99Sale Price
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