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  • Enrich with Argan Oil Essence, provide maximum protection in locking moisture, leaving hair with vibrant color.
  • 4 Volumes: 3%,6%,9%,12%
  • Provide hair with rich colors and fragrance.
  • Easy mixing and tone correction.



     Professional using only . Fill the form for Order and receive special price 



    $29.99 Regular Price
    $14.99Sale Price
    • ARGANMIDAS Developer is a professional-grade hair developer that is essential for achieving the desired hair color. This 1000ml bottle provides ample product for multiple applications, making it a cost-effective choice for salons and stylists. However, before using this product, a preliminary sensitivity test is crucial to ensure the safety of the user. It is important to refrain from using the product if any adverse reactions such as reddening, swelling, or itchiness occur. Additionally, individuals with open wounds, sensitive, or irritated scalps should avoid using this product, as well as those who have previously experienced allergic reactions to hair colorants. When used with caution and after performing the necessary sensitivity test, ARGANMIDAS Developer is an ideal choice for professional hair development.

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