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  • Our Hair Fall Control Herbal Shampoo is designed to tackle the problem of hair loss with a potent blend of herbal ingredients. The formula includes Arganmidas, which is known for its ability to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. This shampoo is perfect for those who want to strengthen and thicken their hair while also stimulating natural regrowth. It provides intense moisture, leaving your hair feeling nourished and revitalized. Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to healthy, voluminous locks with our Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo.

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

$45.00 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
  • The shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients:
    Ginger Essence, to fight against micro-irritations of the scalp,
    Sophora flavescent, which works to antimicrobial and generate thicker hair,
    Platycladus orientalis extract to stimulate blood circulation, enhance hair follicle metabolism, remove dandruff and promote hair regeneration,
    Blue copper peptide, which can increase the number of hair follicles and reinforce the micro-vessels of the hair follicles, while improving the health of the scalp, preventing hair loss, stimulating the growth of new and healthy hair.

  • Apply to wet hair and gently massage into the scalp. Rinse and repeat as needed. For best results, follow with Arganmidas Anti-hair loss serum.

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